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In support of the coordination and joint economic cooperation between the governments of the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Kuwaiti-Egyptian Investment Company was established in accordance with the agreement signed between the two countries in 1974 .

The Kuwaiti-Egyptian Investment Company seeks to create an added value for the Egyptian economy to be an effective partner in the economic development in the Arab Republic of Egypt through investment in all fields .

The company also aims to adopt a moderate risk policy in its investment portfolio, restructures non-yielding investments and seeks investments in order to achieve Medium-term stable returns in accordance with its strategy.

The value of the company's capital is EGP 142.5 million and the shareholders' structure is composed of a group of distinguished institutions.


Arab Fund

The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (the Arab Fund), based in the State of Kuwait, is an Arab regional financial institution focused on funding economic and social development by financing public and private investment projects and providing grants and expertise. The Arab Fund's activities are characterized by a number of important aspects that make it a model of cooperation and Arab economic integration, and a reflection of outstanding joint Arab action.

With all the Arab countries as its members and concentrating on economic and social development affecting the same countries the Arab Fund carefully follows guidelines on neutrality in pursuing its activities and organizes itself under substantive rules to ensure independence from any political considerations when conducting in its operations.