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CEO Message

Our company proud to be one of the largest logistics companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Middle East. It is one of the companies of the Kuwaiti-Egyptian Investment Company business. Which is aims to develop all sectors of the Egyptian economy by achieve its investment plans.

Our company was established in 2011 with partnership between two giant institutions, Kuwaiti-Egyptian Investment Company and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, with the aim of providing distinctive logistical services to all sectors of the Egyptian economy, especially the food and beverage sector.

Our company also proud of its activity results in recent years that lead to stability and Development. Despite market challenge. Thanks to our teamwork, Engineers, Accountants, Administration, and Technical workers, which have high qualifications and inherited experiences.

Our company also proud of its strong and confident relationship with the customer based on our smart services. Our customer are consider the elite of the business companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt,  we are partner in progress and development.

Our company aim to achieve customers’ requirements. According to its strategy, our strategy is based on development and training. Through the establishment of new smart investment and development the human resources through training and qualification, which consider the most important factor to ensures the achieving of the company's policy.

Eng. Hossam Talaat